14512 Greenwell Springs Road
Greenwell Springs, Louisiana 70739

(225) 261-8903

Sunday School
Sunday Morning Worship
Sunday Evening Prayer
Wednesday Bible Study/Prayer Meeting
9:00 am
10:15 am
5:00 pm
6:30 pm


Weekly Services


Sunday Mornings at 9:00 am, we would like to invite everyone to visit Sunday School at Fellowhsip Baptist Church!


We have Children's Church for ages 4 years old to the 2nd Grade during our 10:15 am service.


Sunday Nights at 5:00 pm, we have Prayer Meeting, along with Disciple Lab for the Students (7th-12th and College/Career).

Wednesday Nights at 6:30 pm, we have Bible Study, along with Bible Study for the Students (7th-12th and College/Career).


Historical Highlights


Fellowship Baptist Church began on July 24, 1993, with a small group of believers, as they met with Bro. John Merck at the Fraternal Order of Police building to discuss the possibility of a new church start. The very next day, July 25, 1993, the same group, had their first official meeting under the Hutchinson's carport with Bro. Shelly Adams leading the service. Twenty-eight (28) people were in attendance that day. There were no musical instruments, no hymnals, and no pews; folks brought their own folding chairs. There was, however, a sweet spirit and a desire to follow God's direction.

July 24, 1993




July 25, 1993




August 01, 1993



August 08, 1993



December 05, 1993



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February 11, 1996


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October 02, 1996


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May 2014

A group of Christians met with Bro. John Merck seeking God's will regarding forming a New Testament church. Feeling that God was leading, Fellowship Baptist Church was born and Bro. John agreed to be our pastor.


First service was held under M. C. and Joe Ann Hutchinson's carport. Twenty-eight people attended. Bro. John was not able to attend and Bro. Shelly Adams led in worship.


Bro. John's first service with 57 in attendance, and offereing for the day was $3,225. Services were held at J. P. Rice's office building.


The church rented the "Catering by Henry" building on Greenwell Springs Road and services were held there until February 11, 1996.


Founding Day ceremony was conducted by our sponsor church, Florida Blvd. Baptist. The Church Charter was signed by 96 members.


The church acquired 12.26 acres of land at 14512 Greenwell Springs Road for $183,900. This was paid off in October 1994.


Ground breaking service was held.


First service was held in the new sanctuary.


Dedication and Consecration service was held. Fellowship Baptist was released from Florida Blvd. Baptist as a mission church.


Fellowship Baptist Church became a member of Judson Baptist Assocation.


A new educational wing was added to the existing building.


Ground breaking service was held for a new building to include educational rooms, kitchen, and fellowship hall/gym.


Gym/Fellowship hall completed.




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